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How to remove contextual help on WP 3.3.2?

How to remove contextual help on WP 3.3.2?

How to remove the contextual help and its tab completely from WordPress v3.3.2? The add_filter for contextual help that used to work like wonder on older version no longer work now.

Update: (trimmed solution from Chip Bennett)



Since WordPress 3.3, contextual help tabs are added via the Screen object, using add_help_tab(). The basic structure is as follows:

If you know the $id of a specific help tab, you can remove it using remove_help_tab():

If you want to remove all help tabs from the current screen, use remove_help_tabs():

You just need to wrap that in a callback hooked into admin_head, and you’re good to go:

Some of these functions aren’t well-documented in the Codex yet. Try source directly; they are defined in /wp-admin/includes/screen.php.

As-written, these functions will act globally. Most users will want to target a Theme- or Plugin-specific page for doing something like this. If you want to target a specific Theme’s screens, you’ll need to use the Theme-specific hook, e.g.:

Note that, at this point, you can also hook into the load action for your page-specific hook, to execute your contextual help callback:

Then, query for that hook in your callback:

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